Sonos Five vertical placement advice needed

  • 4 June 2022
  • 3 replies

Hi all


We’re getting a second Five for a stereo setup.

From what I’ve gathered on these forums, vertical with tweeters on the outside should give the best results in a room like this, which is pretty narrow but long. I hope this setup will cover both this floor (often used) and the one above (only used occasionally for music). Please correct me if this is wrong.

I’m expecting to use the Flexson vertical wall mounts on the locations drawn on the first picture, which looks to have the recommended 5 cm of air behind the speakers. But what about the horizontal placement? Are there any recommendations on how much space there should be from the side of the speaker (tweeters) to the adjacent wall?


Thanks :)

3 replies

I recommend placing the tweeters on the inside and mount the speakers as low as you can tolerate visually. Visually you’ll probably prefer centering over the door and in the center of the other wall. If you want to be absolutely anal the distance to the window for both speakers is more important than distance to the side wall. If the spacing to the side wall is asymmetric you could make a case for the closer speaker will be a little more aggressive in the bass, but I don’t think that this will be dramatic at the distance from the wall that your speakers would be mounted.

Your room is very “live”. If you could fall in love with a couple tapestries (with a thick pad behind) you can improve the overall sound of the room. A nice carpet and pad would help too.

Thanks for your advice :) I’ll try the tweeters inside (that’s controls outside, right?) when the second speaker arrives. I’ve installed the mounts 10 cm above the door and 15 cm from the wall.

We’ll look at improving the acoustics of the room in the future, because you’re right, even conversation is pretty loud in here.

I’ll try the tweeters inside (that’s controls outside, right?)

No. The tweeters and controls are on the same side. The centre one is behind the SONOS badge.

The tweeters would be at the top if the speaker was in the horizontal orientation.