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  • 20 November 2020
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Been a long time user of Sonos and continually build the system with at least one addition per year.

I’ve been having some network/connection issues over the last year or so when a coax cable (?) that fed the main wifi device in the middle of the house broke.

We had to move the wifi to the front of the house and have, for the last 18 months, been playing around with various wifi extenders/replacements etc.

I have a soloution to run a CAT 6 back into the middle of the house and thus supply a, yet to be bought, Eero device. My house is not large thus my thinking is that just one (non-pro) will suffice.

I have vigin media and am reading, in various places, that turning off the VM wifi will be good for the overall network and also Sonos.

Assuming that I do this, how should I best connect Sonos to Eero?

My VM router is in the same room as a Sonos One however it’s not in the same position. I could move the speaker but it would be on the further wall in the house and may then have it’s own issues connecting to other speakers if it remained hard wired.

My Eero, whilst being central, will be in a cupboard and thus cannot be pernamently connected to a speaker.

Before I commit to the purchase (40% off if done by 10pm today - UK) I’m look for A) Strong comfort that this will work and B) A relatively easy installation.


I’m a network amateur.

My issues thus far is that my App controller has major problems pickup and droping speakers and controlling them even when connected.

Thoughts and advice are very welcomed.






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Hi @leemonk.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for reaching out to us. I understand the situation where you’re coming from. Let me help you out with that.

Since you have mentioned a mesh system (Eero). let me suggest a quick guide to consider when working with a mesh system.

 I would suggest reaching out to the manufacturer of the mesh system so that the mesh system can be configured in bridge mode or access point mode or which option best fits your preference. Here are some guides to better understand and know what and how to fix this issue.

  • Have each access point have their own unique Wifi name as so you and your mobile controller do not get confused about what and where to connect to access your Sonos system.
  • Disable Wifi Capabilities of the Main router that provides connection directly to your ISP or internet provider.
  • Disable the DHCP or IP-address generation of the Access point and only allow the main router to generate the IP-addresses to avoid IP-address mismatch or IP-address duplicates.
  • Wire a Sonos device to one of the routers/access points to get them to stay on a single network (having each access point have their own unique WiFi names).

 Let me share with you a topic on this community that discusses multiple routers or mesh system. You can share and ask questions or comments on that topic if something is not clear. 

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns. We are always here to help.