sonos devices is not detected by the app

  • 11 February 2019
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hi all,
I`m new with the sonos devices and i really don`t know what is missing :
i have created a new ssid for my sonos device and i allowed Broadcast ,i connect my phone to that SSID and i can see that the device is getting an ip address and i can ping that ip address but still,i`m not able to discover the device through the app ,i reset the sonos but still same issue .i feel like im missing something but i really don`t know what .any advices

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3 replies

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Hey there, Marwasaid. Sounds like a networking issue, that will require a little more information about the router you are working with and how your network is set up. What is the make and model of the router you are using? Did you rename a Guest network for Sonos? The more information we have about your layout, the better we can assist.
it sounds like you are trying to connect directly to the sonos rather than the network?
Hi all,
thank you for your answer ,here are more information about the setup and the configuration i have done :
- i have an Aruba controller connected to a procurve core switch connected to a dhcp server
- i have a player 3 and player 1
- i created an SSID just for Sonos devices where i allowed a Broadcast traffic
- i didn`t connect the sonos device directly to the router,i`m using the wifi to connect the sonos devices
-i reset the player
- i insatlled the app
- i can see that both my phone and the player both are on the same wlan and both get an ip address of the same subnet
- i can even ping the ip address of the player
-the app starts to discover the device,it founds it then it tries to connect ,after a while an error message appears saying that the connection is failed and i may need to try again
-our IT also confirmed that even when they try to connect the sonos devices using ethernet cable is not working
is there anything else i need to check/add as i`m really blocked 😞
thank you in advance