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  • 11 February 2018
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So. 15 years ago I bought Bose stuff. It was a speaker system, hard-wired, served me well, through an old (25 year old) Pioneer amp, TV sound, CD player through the same source. All good. Amp failed. What's next, then? Did my research, and ended up with a choice between Bose and Sonos. In the end, the fact that the Bose speakers were working well, sounded good, I stuck with that company. Added big wall speakers too, rewired, moved mini speakers, connected the new Bose amp via ethernet, bought satellite speakers for the rest of the house as suggested. Wrong choice. I have had to buy two x Sonos Onto listen to the radio. Now my Bose system has disappeared from the WIFI system. Shocking. Wish I'd bought Sonos 5, etc. Left with some expensive bits of black plastic with Bose written on it. Very angry with Bose but delighted with my Sonos speakers.

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2 replies

I don't subscribe to the Bose is Bad way of thinking and have a Bose speaker pair bought in 2003 that is still good; but no make approaches Sonos for wireless music play stability even now.
Using a Connect, you ought to be able have the sunk costs in Bose still deliver music from the "expensive bits" as long as they work other than the WiFi thing which seems to be troublesome. If you so desire.
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Sorry to hear that the Bose stuff isn't working. Probably an easy fix. But glad you like Sonos - it is nice to see someone arrive here with positive things to say, all to often the internet is being used for whinging! 😃