Sonos controller not up-to-date?

I just received my Sonos One and am trying to set it up. The very first thing I saw was this message: "There was a problem confirming if your Sonos controller is up-to-date. If you continue and your controller is not up-to-date, you will be unable to set up certain Sonos products." I tried the wireless set up and it didn't work and now I am trying to connect directly to my router with the Ethernet cable. That worked and I got through the setup, but now that I have unplugged it, removed the Ethernet cable and moved it, it can't find it. Any suggestions? This is very disappointing as I'd heard such great things about Sonos.

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I have had EXACTLY the same issue. I’ve tried my iphoneX wife’s iPhone7, my sons Win10 machine. Using wireless method for set up and then unhooked the sonos playbar And walked it over to the router. This is beyond frustrating. AND THEN I came across a forum that laid blame at my eero Wi-Fi. Had to change network setting from nat to bridge mode. And my sound was up and running within 10 mins. Apparently my eero had been rebuilt a few days back and this setting wasn’t changed to bridge again :8
Glad your problem got resolved. I realized I had a network extender which was causing my issue and so I had to purchase a Play:One. Now I am trying to get that set up and having difficulties. I am getting ready to return all of this crap. What a waste of my time. If support cannot help me tomorrow, I am getting rid of this crap.
I’m really tired of the shit performance of having to reconnect and now I can’t reconnect. I won’t ever be recommending this crap to anyone
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You are aware it is most likely a personal issue with your network that someone can help with.


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