Sonos controller (Android via Chromebook) - unable to connect

  • 9 August 2016
  • 7 replies

After a long wait, my Chromebook (in beta) has access to the Google Play store. This is being rolled out across various Chromebook devices now. One of the major advantages of this will be control of Sonos via the Android app but on a Chromebook.
However I have been unable to get the app to find my system, which is fully setup and working via my Android app on my phone. I have the app on my Chromebook installed, and open but it doesn't find the existing system either on the initial search, or the subsequent one requiring button presses on the Sonos.

Any ideas?

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7 replies

A few people claimed success with the Android Sonos controller on Chromebook using ARC Welder. However many, including me, tried and failed. The issue appeared to be flawed multicast support in the operating system. According to this post the problem remains to this day.
I'm having the same problem. After installing the Sonos app from the Google Play store on my Acer R11 Chromebook, the app is unable to find my system. I can access it just fine through my android phone and PC.
Same issue using an Asus Flip. It's make an awesome addition to my Sonos household if it did function...
The ASUS Flip C302? Surely not. But anyway it's an operating system (network protocol stack) issue, nothing to do with hardware.
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A few people claimed success with the Android Sonos controller on Chromebook using ARC Welder.

Had success, ratty, had :)

As I posted at the time, it was very CPU intensive (fan running hard on my Pixel 2), but functioned correctly for a couple of months, then stopped and never worked again. Nor under the new Chrome OS Android implementation, which is a great shame but c'est la vie.

The ASUS Flip C302? Surely not.

Probably last year's 10-inch C100PA.
It's a real shame, and one doesn't know when or if Google will ever fix it.
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No. Many Google products have much greater issues that people can ask them to fix for years but which they never respond to or even acknowledge. A world unto themselves.

As you've previously pointed out, there's a bunch of stuff on regarding various multicast bugs which, if they come to affect greater numbers of people (such as we'll see with the Sonos Controller Android app on Chrome OS) some kind community souls may one day get to the bottom of it all!