SONOS CONNECT (how to connect multiple units, create multiple zones, manipulate

  • 20 March 2019
  • 1 reply

I need an advice about the best case scenario drawing to plug 10 unites of SONOS CONNECT via ethernet cable and manage them from SONOS app? How to add a new CONNECT? How to name or rename an existing one

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1 reply

Here is how you add a Sonos product to your system

Naming the unit is part of the setup.

Renaming a room can be done in the settings for the specific room.

How to manage them is a rather open ended question. It's best understood by playing around with the app, looking up details in the support document, or asking a specific question in the forums. Here's a support document on grouping that I think it a good starting point.

As to how it should be setup 10 Connects wired, that's going to depend a lot on your individual situation, where the amps the Connects are wired to are located, etc. If you have all 10 amps in a single closet, for example, than I'd put the Connects there as well. I would wired the router to a 10 port switch, wired to each Connect. Please note that the Connects do not need to wired together as they can work.