Sonos connect/ amp direct latency

  • 26 March 2019
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I currently own a playbar, sub and couple of ones forming a nice setup for my living room and kitchen; I’m looking to extend the setup to the main bedroom, though I have a couple of uses and respective requirements in mind for this room.

I need to be able to play music to the bedroom speakers (playing around the house is not important here) from a digital feed from my laptop - usually usb with no latency. I understand that no Sonos product offers a USB input, with only the Sonos: Amp offering HDMI input (I realise others offer coax & optical). This would mean that the speakers I require would be passive stereo monitors (third party). If I were to HDMI from my laptop to the Sonos: Amp that is connected to wired passive monitors; if I only play music through these speakers, will there be any latency? (I am looking to mix).

I would like the option to mix without latency (using the proposed setup) and have the option to integrate the third party monitors into my sonos system for general listening (I understand that if I do this, latency can be expected - hence only mixing to the wired speakers through the amp).

Does this sound feasible to anyone?
If not, is there any other workaround? I don’t have any third party speaker as yet, so I am constrained by the digital audio output from my laptop/ decks - currently only HDMI/ USB. Is there an option with third party active monitors and a sonos connect?


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4 replies

There are no zero-latency options with Sonos. And just to clarify: the HDMI input on the Amp is HDMI-ARC. Also the coax/optical you've spotted on Connect are outputs.
Damn... thanks all the same.
Guess it’ll be the laptop usb’d to a third party audio interface to a pair of third party active monitors; then when I want to room share onto these speakers through sonos, unplug the interface and plug the speakers into a sonos connect! What a ball-ache.
Sound about right?
Sound about right?
To a degree, but you could make life easier for yourself by using an audio switch or mixer in front of the active speakers, or speakers which accept dual inputs.

For example I have a pair of Audioengine A2s on my desktop which take feeds from both the computer and ZP80 (precursor to Connect) at the same time. The speakers have an inbuilt mixer.
Ratty, great suggestion. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this! Thanks.