Sonos cannot find my computer and add music library

  • 1 March 2018
  • 1 reply

Hello, can please someone help me to connect my Sonos to my music library?
I have two Sonos Play 3 speakers and work on Windows 10 with Bitdefender.
When I try to add my music folder (C://data/music) to the music library I get the notification:"Sonos cannot add the music library. Computer xxxx does not respond".
I already looked on the forum for the firewall settings solution and tried:
-Setting my wifi settings to home/office in Windows Firewall settings
-Added a rule to Bitdefender to set wifi to home/office settings and allow Sonos Controller access to both networks
-I even tried completely turning off Bitdefender (which is quite dangerous) but still Sonos will not find my music library.

I'm pretty dazzled that this is so hard. If anyone can provide some advice on how to solve, this is highly appreciated:)

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1 reply

I don't use my Win10 device to control my Sonos, but there's a couple of threads I'd point you towards, which I think will explain the issue.

Windows 10 and SMB and more info courtesy of MikeV.