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I have a Sonos Bridge that we were using at our business that was working wonderfully for a few months with a Play:3 speaker. We also used the pass through ethernet port on the back for our VoIP phone. Just yesterday we got an error that our phone wasn't registering and couldn't make calls. After troubleshooting for a while, I determined that the Bridge was giving the phone an incompatible IP. Connecting the phone directly to the back of the router (newer apple airport express) solves the issue, but takes the Bridge out of the picture.

In the process, I did a factory reset on the Bridge. After the Sonos boots, it flashes green and white lights simultaneously as expected, but I can't connect to it from there. Hitting the connect button makes it cycle green then white a few times, but no matter what it won't pair with a mac laptop or iOS device on the same network. I've reset the router, checked connections, etc. When connected to the Bridge via Ethernet cable, I can connect in Sonos Controller but my IP is not the right subnet and am unable to connect to the internet.

I took the Play:3 back to the router and installed a small 5-port switch in order to use both the phone and the Sonos and am able to connect to the Play:3 just fine.

Would love to get the Bridge up and running or figure out what's going on. A few specifics:
-Router: Newest Apple Airport Express, running DHCP.
-No Firewall, Modem is in bridge mode.
-Mac and iOS devices running Sonos Controller, connected via WiFi.
-Bridge connected directly to router via ethernet.
-Phone connected to Bridge via ethernet.
-Controller cannot connect to bridge, gives incorrect IP to devices connected to passthrough port.

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Since you've been restarting the router I'd recommend you begin by power cycling all the devices on your network. You could end up with an IP conflict if the router were to re-issue an IP which a device is already holding.

If you wire the Play:3 to the router (which the controllers can evidently see) are you then unable to re-associate the Bridge even after factory-resetting it? In that case you could be suffering from a Bridge power supply failure. When this happens the PSU voltage falls away, the Bridge apparently starts but doesn't function fully. If you've a voltmeter you can test the PSU. A healthy one should put out about 5.1V DC.
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t1mwillis wrote:

...I determined that the Bridge was giving the phone an incompatible IP.

Perhaps it should be emphasised that neither the Sonos Bridge nor Controller play any part in the allocation of IP Addresses?
I inferred that the phone had reverted to AutoIP owing to a connectivity failure through the Bridge.


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