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I got my ZP80 starter package yesterday. The system works, except access to the internet. Here is my configuration:

all my music files are on a linux PC. I have access via Samba. This PC is also my access point to the internet. I run SuSE 9.3 with firewall and a proxy server. My internal network is not protected by the firewall.
What do I have to do to get access to the internet? My guess is that I have to tell the ZP´s to use the proxy server and port (like How do I do this?.
This system has become pretty complex over the years and has never had a problem. Other music software works fine (iTunes, Slimserver). They simply use my browser settings. This kinf of configuration is pretty common in Europe. The Sonos system would be useless for me, if I cant integrate it in this environment.

Any help is highly appreciated.


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I don't think you can configure Sonos to use your proxy server (not that I'm aware of) although one way around this would be using either a Windows PC or Mac (if available) for Internet Connection Sharing covered here...

The other would by configuring the proxy server not to use the fixed IPs (Class C address) used by the zone players. You could add any number of packet accept or reject entries to the Firewall to protect Sonos or any of your other PCs. Here is a list of ports that Sonos uses...**&p_li=&p_topview=1
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Does the proxy have a transparent mode?
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I'd disagree that your setup was particularly common in Europe, or anywhere in the world for that matter.

As others have suggested, there are always workarounds to any issue. Your choice of insisting on proxy access to the internet is one of those decisions that could be reversed.
I would agree with Ben that this is certainly a very atypical home network anywhere in the world.

I'm running a Linux network including a firewall with a proxy controlling access to the network, and mine runs just fine. My proxy is transparent though.

You discription of your network is a little unclear to me. You say your internal network is NOT protected by the firewall... in which case how does the internal network get Internet access then?


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Ok, so regardless of whether somebody's config is strange or not, I DO need to run off a proxy server. I am moving to China and will be blocked from iTunes, Pandora and other services, so I need to run Sonos through a proxy server that is located in the US.

Does it enable me to configure it to run off a SOCKS server?
Sonos gear does not support SOCKS. For what I think you are describing you should probably be looking at a transparent proxy server coupled with a VPN.
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Couldn't you just use a transparent proxy, which, doesn't reveal your ip adress for security reasons, and then simply connect one of your ZPs to the computer, either wirelessly, directly wired, or via a Homeplug, then simply share the internet connection of your computer with one of your ZPs?
I am no expert, but it seems you would achieve what you need without complicating things too much, altough I am not sure thos would work. What is sure is that you can't connect your ZP directly through a proxy, or at least, I really can't see how.
mobystar wrote:

I am moving to China and will be blocked from iTunes, Pandora and other services, so I need to run Sonos through a proxy server that is located in the US.

Don't worry, music is pretty cheap in China, $2 per album, so no need for iTunes. Apple DRM doesn't work with Sonos anyway. In stead of jumping through hoops to get pandora, maybe you should try proxy on your pc together with Sonos. is pretty similar to pandora.

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