Sonos Beam with Splitter


I’ve just bought a Sonos Beam to try to improve the sound in the kitchen. It is a new extension and we have the HDMI cable built through the ceiling from our Virgin box to the TV. It will be very difficult to run another cable through

If I plug the existing cable into the HDMI ARC socket, can I use a splitter the other end to plug into the virgin box and the sonos beam?

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You've confused me. Not hard to do, mind you :)

The HDMI cable from the Virgin box should go to the TV. Then you'd connect a second cable to the HDMI-ARC connection on the TV and run that to the Beam. No splitter should be involved.
Sorry I didn't explain it very well. I can only have one cable running to the TV so need to find a solution the other end of the cable where the Virgin box is sited. I've tried to do some research but don't understand the difference between a splitter and a switch and if either will solve the problem?
You're in effect asking for an HDMI combiner/splitter which would simultaneously allow for (a) the signal from Virgin box to the TV and (b) an ARC signal back from the TV to be peeled off into the Beam. I'm not sure this is possible, though I've not made a thorough search.

Presumably the Virgin box has an optical output. Why not just use that to feed the Beam, via the supplied optical dongle?

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