Sonos Beam + Sony Bravia KD-49XF9005

  • 19 April 2019
  • 3 replies

I have a sonos beam connected to my Sony Bravia through a hdmi arc. When I play tv programmes through a set top box connected to my tv with a non-arc hdmi the volumes are very low - need to scroll it to 60/70 to hear smth properly. When I play eg netflix directly from tv it gets too loud on these level and need to scroll volume down to 10/15. Annoying ?. Any tips? Or should I just return sonos beam?

3 replies

I wouldn't think this is an issue with the doesn't know where the source is coming from, it just plays what the TV hands it.

I'd think the issue is somewhere either in the TV, or more likely in your set to box. I'd take a look at the audio settings on the set top box and see if there's a function to set the output to "fixed" rather than "variable". I'm guessing that there is some volume setting on that box that isn't sending a full volume signal to the TV, and consequently it isn't sending a full signal to the Beam.

Frankly, it's also worth double checking the TV's audio settings, too, to make sure if it has a "variable/full" setting for the digital output.
Hi Bruce - thanks

Just checked whether the same thing happens with another source - WD TV Live Hub. The volume is ok. So I’m guessing it is the set top box as you suggested.

The set top box is Kaon VM1200

What settings should I aim there?
Not really sure. Never heard of such a device, but I'd be looking at all of the settings listed under audio, and remove as much extra processing as possible, making sure that they're sending a Dolby Digital (only, nothing else) signal, and if there's a variable/fixed setting, it should be a fixed. If not, I'd set the volume at least to 50%, if you can.

Perhaps contact the maker of this set top box, and explain your issue, and see what they recommend?