Sonos Beam Compatible with LG TV

  • 4 December 2018
  • 1 reply

I have a 2012 LG TV 42CS560 and just bought a Sonos beam, but can't seem to connect the two. As I understand it, I don't believe the LG has an ARC or digital optical input. Hoping y'all can help and I don't have to return the sonos. Please help

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1 reply


If your tv does not have HDMI arc or optical out, then you would need to connect your audio source(s) directly to the Beam (so long as they have optical out).

My tv does not have hdmi arc but it does have optical out, but it cannot pass a 5.1 signal through optical so I choose not to use it. So what I do instead is have my sources (Sky tv box and xbox one) connected via optical cable to an optical/toslink switch then have that switch connected to my Beam using the hdmi/optical adapter. I then just use the switch to select sources depending on if I'm watching TV or playing the xbox (or watching a blu ray disc on the xbox).

Bit of a faff but it will do until I get a new tv.

I bought my optical switch from amazon for about £15. Just google search "toslink switch" - there are loads around.

Hope this helps.