Sonos Beam and Samsung TV--Hard to believe

It is hard to believe that Sonos does not publish or fix the problem there appears to be with their new product The Sonos Beam and connectivity to Samsung TV.
So many people have been waiting for this product, and many own Samsung TV's and we cannot use the Beam with the ARC Connection,
If there is a fix out there can someone from Sonos please respond.
Thank you

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One question: do you have other HDMI devices connected to your Samsung TV?

There is actually official guidance here.
Thank you for your reply, I do have other HDMI devices but when I try to do what they are saying, after I turn all the devices off at night the next time I turn the TV on it seems to have forgotten about the Beam, dont know what else to do other than return the beam.
Thank you again
If my experience is anything to go by, the problem is with the HDMI-CEC control in the other devices. When they're badly behaved the Samsung TV gets confused.

If you can disable CEC in those devices then do so. If you can't, there is a way -- using a special cable or a relatively inexpensive adapter -- to break the CEC signal.
From what I've seen from the threads regarding using the Beam with a Samsung, the audio is working fine, it's just the voice commands of the TV that are not working properly, and the issue seems pretty clearly a problem with how the TV is interpreting the commands.

So if you're not able to consistently get audio from the beam, I would definitely look into Ratty's suggestion. Maybe before you buy anything, run a few test scenarios.

Test 1: Unplug the TV, leave all the hdmi connections in place, wait a few seconds, plug the tv back in, turn on tv. Do you get audio through the Beam?

Test 2: Unplug the TV, disconnect all the hdmi connections except the Beam, wait a few seconds, plug the tv back in, turn on tv. Do you get audio through the Beam?

If test 1 is No, and test 2 is Yes, then it's one of more of your other devices that are causing the issue. You could try the tests over again leave the devices unplugged one at a time to hopefully see which one is the problem. If it's just one, see if you can turn off CEC in that device or get a new cable as Ratty recommended.
Thank you very much for your help
Thanks a lot for your help dear users and support.
I had the same problem.
The Beam worked perfectly to see TV programs : - HDMI ARC from the Beam to the TV and - HDMI from Internet Box to the TV.

But when a second device (here a computer used as a Home Cinema) was connected with another HDMI plug on the TV the sound was lost : no more sound on the Beam. Using TV or computer and sounds worked only with internal TV speakers).
And It happened even when the computer was witched off. I had to unplugged the HDMI computer cable watching TV !

And you are right: going to the computer BIOS to disable HDMI CEC Control resolve the problem.
Hope this experience be useful to other persons.

I have been having problems with my Beam and Samsung Q8 TV since I received the Beam. To start I have 2 Beams, on 2 separate identical TVs. The Beam drops from the TV every few weeks. Resetting the TV and the Beam, which is a pain on both devices, doesn't work. At first I thought it was Samsung. Switched Beams and TV same issues. Have the time during the re-setup the TV sees the Beam as a Cox cable box. Unplug the TV and start the process over the Beam is discovered. At first this happen every few weeks. Sonos updated the Beam software yesterday, it has not worked correctly since the update. Frustrating that you can't choose to not accept the updates and that Sonos support is not working on the weekend. Now when get the Beam to work, turn everything off and back on, the Beam is either missing as an option for sound (TV still sees it on HDMI 4 the ARC port) or the sound comes out of the Beam but drops in and out every few seconds. Turn everything off, the sound is back out of the TV and only way to get it back is to unplug the TV. Like I said, I have 2 Beams and 2 identical TVs, same issues. I've switched cables too. Other HDMI devices are a DISH box (Joey per the TV) and a 4th generation Apple TV. Tried turning the HDMI control on the Apple TV off. The Dish is an old box and does not have that option. This is beyond frustrating, with the latest update the Beams are useless at this point. Really wish I could return them or sell them and recoup some of the money lost.

Does the Beam work okay with just it (and no other devices) plugged into the TV HDMI ports? If so, then you could look to see what device is grabbing the CEC controls ... you can do that by adding each device back to the TV, one at a time, until you find the culprit, then just add a non-CEC HDMI cable or adapter to that device, that’s obviously if you are unable to switch off the controls on that device.

Just as an example...

Important bit is however to get to the root of the problem first on both your TV's.

Note also that some Samsung TV's are also plagued by auto-switching HDMI ports, as complained about quite a lot on the web these days by their owners, but I’m not sure if that may Apply in your case, but maybe worthy of some further research, perhaps?

See this link for starters...
So not to make this too confusing, one of the Beams that I have is on a Samsung Q6 TV in a bedroom (the other TVs are Q8s) this is a pretty simple set up only thing connected to the TV is a DISH box that I've had for a few years. No other HDMI devices. The setup has worked fine for months. I switched the Beams to try to see if the problem was the main TV, now I plug the Beam into the bedroom Q6 and the same issue happens, the sound cuts in and out and then switches entirely to the TV speakers. The TV sees the Beam. I unplugged the Dish from the TV, used the TVs smart app to watch Netflix, no sound cut off at first. Turn the TV off and back on. Now the TV sees the beam, but when I try to change the volume nothing happens. This is exactly what has been happening on all TVs with all the Beams. To be clear, I've switched cables, reset the Beams, the app controller and the Tvs. Nothing. I'm telling you it's this update from Saturday - thanks Sonos for releasing it before a weekend! Two separate Beams, 3 separate TVs - same problem.
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Hi Beamuser

I found these to updates for Samsung Q6 and Q8 Tv's. Maybe one will work for you. They mention "improved usability of input devices". Good Luck.


Thanks for the info, mine are 2018 models and already running the latest firmware. The firmware was last updated a week and half ago, the Beams worked fine after the TV update. I still feel it was the Sonos update that screwed things up. Thanks for checking!
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OK...I have a Samsung also. I know the AnyNet can be problematic. But try this point anything may work, who knows...

Disconnect the Beam
Go into sound menu and set the speakers to external then close the menu
Now re-connect the Beam

Final suggestion is to submit a diagnostic and post the reference ID in this forum. Sonos tech can correct anything inherent with Samsungs but it may show something with the Beam(s). :?

Good Luck. Cheers!
Thanks I've done that several times. Works for 1 maybe 2 times the TV is turned off than goes back. I get that a lot of people are saying Samsung is buggy, I won't buy another Samsung TV but mostly because of all the junk apps they force on their TVs, they are one of the largest makers of TVs, this seems like more of Sonos issue. These posts re full of people with problems connecting to Samsung TVs, maybe Sonos needs to do better.
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I suspect you purchased the Sonos Beam for the ARC feature (i.e. turn TV on/off w/Alexa). This may be a case where you have two options left:

Option 1
Connect the Beam via optical out from TV. You'll lose voice control (TV on/off) but still have Alexa integration for fun stuff including smart home control.

Option 2_IMO a non-starter as you lose all Alexa and increase your spend
Return the Beams and go with a Playbar or Playbase.

Thanks. I don’t use Alexa to control the tv. It’s not able to control the dish box that I have and I’m not really a big fan of Alexa or online assistance. I though about switching to optical but to be honest I spent about $1000 on the Sonos equipment and I feel it should work. I don’t want to keep putting money into it.
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Thanks. I don’t use Alexa to control the tv. It’s not able to control the dish box that I have and I’m not really a big fan of Alexa or online assistance. I though about switching to optical but to be honest I spent about $1000 on the Sonos equipment and I feel it should work. I don’t want to keep putting money into it.

Hi Beamuser

OK...I'm a bit confused by your reluctance to use Optical-out with the Beams and your TV's. I can only assume you purchased them because of their size and cost differential versus a Playbar (two for relatively the same price of one). However, based upon your comment of not being a fan of Alexa or online assistance and not using the Beams to control your TV's (BTW, Beam was never marketed to control a cable box); then why not go Optical? You'd most likely get what you paid for...a better speaker than the internals of your Samsung's and expandable to HT with surrounds and subs when you're ready. :?

Not to be rude or insensitive to your this juncture I'd say you're creating your own anxiety by refusing to try the optical connection which will most likely work with no problems. If you're still dissatisfied then return them (if still in the window) or sell them on eBay. You'd most likely recoup 80% - 85% (if not more) of your initial investment. Just saying....

I had a similar issue with my Beam/Samsung setup over the weekend. Was working fine the night before, and then no sound the next morning. I was able to resolve the issue by unplugging the Samsung for a few seconds, then letting it boot back up.

As I understand it, the Samsung will sometimes get confused (in simple terms) about it's CEC connections and stop sending audio through ARC. Turning Anynet on and off doesn't seem to reset anything. Turning the TV on and off doesn't clear anything out either. A 'cold boot' of unplugging the TV does.
I don't think that's only a Samsung issue. I've seen other brands of TVs have the same issue. My opinion is that the CEC connection protocol is poorly written/implemented/not resilient.
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I hope I don't jinx my setup...but I'm using a Beam with a 6-7 year old Sony with ARC and having no issues. :8 On start up a handshake is performed and audio is transferred to the Beam (visual confirmation on screen). Alexa voice commands work perfectly (tv on/off).

Truthfully, I think the audio is transferred to the Beam during power-on when the Sony icons flash across the screen before there is a picture. Sony icons are part of the normal start up _Beam or no Beam (btw, my Samsung behaves the same with the Playbar). The entire process takes about 10 seconds. I like the fact that the visual level bar (on the Sony) still appears when adjusting up/down.

I might add that I added a sub and surrounds over the weekend that really focused the verbal audio.

Thanks for the replies - to address a few of them. The issue I have with optical is that I shouldn't need it. Something is wrong. I've never used optical and it will mean running new cables. This alone is annoying as I have to go back into the walls. But I shouldn't have to. The Sonos worked, and then stopped. That is a problem. Finding a work around is not right for a product that is barely 90 days old. Re regard to the suggestion of unplugging the TV, I've done that as I used to have occasional issues and that would resolve it. Now it does not.
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Hi Beamuser

Are you implying that your TV's are connecting to the Beam via an HDMI junction connected to in-wall HDMI runs OR a hole punched where the TV is mounted and a cable dropped inside the wall and fished out to connect to the Beam(s)?
Sorry - another update. I've never used optical before, I pulled out the adapters that came with the Beam and see they use the existing HDMI cable with the adapter. I've plugged them in and it works. I will try it for a few days and see if I have any issues. Sonos sent me RMA for the Beam so I'll hold off before sending back. I'll keep you posted. Again thanks for the replies.
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Great news! Hope it pans out!
I recently purchased a Samsung series 7 QLED TV that has a One Connect Box and Sonos Beam. The 4th HDMI input on the One Connect box is also the ARC input. Following the set up procedure in the Sonos App I could not connect the tv to the beam with the supplied HDMI cable. I even tried using the optical adapter, still no joy. Then I thought that I replace the supplied HDMI with a spare one I had. With this different HDMI cable the set up worked and all is well. Could the root cause of this problem be as simple as a defective HDMI cable. It seems so.
It’s working for me. But red light on tv flashes when it’s turned off now. Never happened before connecting with ARC to the new Beam