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I have a Sonos Beam at the moment and I am looking at adding 2 x Play:1 speakers to enable surround sound. However I would like to use the music services to drive just the 2 speakers without sound coming from the Beam on occasions. I assume I will need to switch the TV on to activate the Beam but can the sound be isolated to only come out of the Play:1 speakers?

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When configured as surrounds, sound will come from the Beam even for music sources. There is a setting to enable full volume instead or ambient on the surrounds for music sources.
Or remove surrounds and create a stereo pair with the two play ones

Just to also mention that you do not need to have your TV switched on to play music sources through your Beam and/or surround/connected speakers. You can leave the TV off or in standby, pick up a phone controller or speak to Alexa built into the Beam and play music from Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc.

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