SONOS at Home & Work

  • 13 November 2019
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I have several speakers set up at home and access them through my Iphone, Ipad & DELL Laptop. I am trying to now set up a speaker at work, when i open the App it cannot find the WIFI network nor the speaker. Can you have 2 separate systems and use the same App?

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3 replies

Yes, you can.  Make sure you are on a 2.4 GHz WiFi connection, not 5 GHz. Then choose “Setup a new system” from the app.

If you simply took a home speaker to work then it will be looking in vain for the home WiFi to connect to.

If you’re able to temporarily wire the speaker to the network you may be able to get in and change its stored WiFi credentials. However many workplaces run separate subnets for wired and WiFi clients, which would prevent Sonos from working when wired.

You could try a factory reset on the player and connecting it to the work WiFi as a ‘new system’. The controller app can be associated with multiple systems. Note however that some work WiFis impose ‘client isolation’ rules which, again, would stop Sonos from working.

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It may be worth having your own travel router under your desk and creating your own Network?