Sonos at home and at the cottage.

I want to have 2 Sonos systems ( and 2 routers ). One at home and one at the cottage. They will be used at the same time by different users and different songs. Do I need 2 apps ??

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No. If you are connected at home and then you go to your cottage the app won't find your home system. And it will ask if you want to set up a new system or connect to an existing system. Tell it to connect to an existing system
...and then i can play at the cottage. But, can those who are at home stil use the sysem there at the same time ?
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That depends on the music service you're using.

Most music services only allow one stream at a time (some have made exceptions for multiple streams if they're all in the same household on the same Sonos system). So you'll either need two different music services, or two separate accounts on the same music service, or a music service that allows multiple simultaneous streams.
Understanding the above, I'd ask: If streaming through only one controller at a time from one of two homes, need one add a second controller identifier unique to the second home? If so, how does one go about doing that?
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Basically, these two SONOS systems you talk of are independent of each other. Both can be used simultaneously and can have a practically infinite number of controllers connected.

What Mike is saying is that you need to worry more about the music services in use. For example, you can use a single Soundcloud or Mixcloud account at the same time on both, however, you can't use a single Spotify or Google Play Music account across both at the same time.

If you only plan to use free music services and the music library function then you will be fine but if you wish to use a paid music service on both, you will need to ensure that you are using two separate accounts (eg Spotify and Google Play music have a £15 a month fixed price plan that allows you to add up to 6 separate accounts) - one for each system

Hopefully that helps
Thanks, Josh. To clarify: Since the two systems are independent, and since I'd wish to use each alone - not simultaneously - do I need to set up two controllers, one each for one of the homes?
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You can control both systems from 1 controller. You obviously have to set-up each system the first time but that can be done from one controller.

Just to add some context to help you see how things work.
When you set-up a new Sonos system you connect it to your Wi-Fi either by directly wiring to the router one of the Sonos units or via connecting to your Wi-Fi.
When you then switch on your device that has your controller (PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or iPad or other tablet) that device will connect to your Wi-Fi (Usually wirelessly but a PC/Mac might be wired to your router). That controller can then control any Sonos system that is using that network. And as is mentioned above that could be 1 or 100 controllers. When you then take that controller (probably a phone or tablet) to the other location and connect to the other Wi-Fi you can connect to the Sonos set-up on that Wi-Fi.

Also. To avoid future confusion. The controller does NOT stream any music (except in the case that you select "On this phone/tablet from music sources) from the controller. The controller sends an instruction to the Sonos speakers and one of those Sonos devices will send a request to the music source to start the stream (so it could be TuneIn radio, Spotify, Deezer, My Music on a NAS). You could start music/audio in your cottage and then drive back home with your phone and the music would carry on regardless - You wouldn't be able to stop it mind unless somebody else with a controller in the cottage or pressed the mute button.
Thank you, Stuart. This is quite clear.
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barrett915 wrote:

do I need to set up two controllers, one each for one of the homes?

If you mean would you need two apps, one for each system, then no - the single Sonos app can be linked to multiple systems, connecting with the correct one as necessary (eg the home one when you are at home, and the cottage one when you are there),

You'd only need the one Sonos app on your device for both systems and said app would know when to change, you just need to setup or connect to one system then setup/connect to the other on the same app and it will remember both.
Thanks, Josh; very helpful.
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The above sounds similar to what I am planning.
Two new Sonos Ones, just bought for my Barn (=cottage)
1. Before I setup at the barn could/should I register using the same details as I use at home in the app on my phone or tablet.
2. Is there is a way to use the library on the iMac back home (up and running) and access this at the barn?
Any things to watch out for during the setup?
Something to as an alternative to SCD, which all uk is watching !!


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