Sonos Arc + AppleTV4K + Sony w/ eARC

  • 22 February 2021
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So I’ve been hunting around for awhile now to try to answer what feels like it should be a relatively simple question. I’m actually looking to potentially invest in a Sonos Arc surround set, at the same time I upgrade my TV. Currently I’m looking at getting an 85” Sony X900H (with the latest firmware upgrade supporting eARC.


My question is this - if I want to continue using my AppleTV4K to stream content (specifically for Dolby Atmos), how is that possible with just the one HDMI port on the Arc? I’m aware I need to stream through eARC in order to pass an Atmos signal through, but would I not want to connect the AppleTV through eARC as well? Or pass through the Sonos Arc (which I know I cannot do?).


Obviously without owning either the sound bar or the TV, it’s a bit hard to just run these tests myself. I’m wondering - would I just connect the AppleTV to one of the regular HDMI inputs on the TV, then connect an HDMI to the TV’s eARC port down to the Sonos Arc? Will that pass the Atmos signal correctly?


Thank you for any help in figuring this out!

3 replies

I think you’re misunderstanding how ARC, both the HDMI ARC version, and eARC works. 

You would connect all source devices to the TV set, using any of the HDMI ports is has available. You then connect the Sonos ARC (or any ARC enabled speaker) to the ARC port on the TV set.

The TV takes the input from your source devices, and creates the ARC output, which gets sent through the cable to your speaker. So, it’s the TV creating the signal from any source that it’s showing on the screen. 

So yes, your last paragraph is indeed the solution. The TV is the ‘source’ of ARC, it has the electronics inside it that create that signal from the input coming in on any other HDMI inputs.

Airgetlam, thank you so much for the response. You’re right, my understanding was maybe 90% there. Makes perfect sense now, thank you!

I’d be willing to say somewhere more that 90%, honestly. ;). You had already gotten to the correct answer. 

But you’re most welcome.