Sonos application cannot connect to the speaker.

I have installed android Sonos app to connect to a new Sonos One speaker and followed the instructions. I have connected the speaker to a power source and inserted the DSL cable into my router. I have stuck in the place where I need to push the button on the back and something should happen. I am pushing the button, I can hear a chime sound but then what? Nothing happens on the screen and Sonos speaker led starts glowing orange which means:

"When setting up Sonos for the first time, or adding a player to your system, you will be prompted by the app to press specific buttons on the player during the setup process. Once the buttons are pressed, the player will flash orange until it either joins the system successfully, or times out after roughly 30 seconds."

I wait more than a minute and nothing happens. Then the app message appears saying that I am too far away but I am holding my phone 30 cm away from the speaker.

Solved it by using android phone. Looks like android app does not work correctly if run on blackberry. On blackberry I was not getting wifi password prompt which is needed for my network.

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Hi there, minerals. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am glad things were able to be sorted. Out of curiosity what was the model of phone you are working with? Thanks!
I tried using android app on Blackberry Passport. Blackberry runs most android apps without problems but it appears that sonos app does not ask for network password.


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