Sonos amp connection

  • 20 November 2020
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I have 2 sonos play 1, a beam sound bar, and recently purchased an amp to connect my turntable to my current system. How do I connect my turntable/amp to my existing sonos speakers and play bar?

11 replies

In the controller, use the ‘add a device’ function in the settings area. 

It created a separate system for the amp. Now I have living room amp and living room beam. I can add the sub to either but can't merge them.

Did you buy an Amp just for a line in for the turntable?  Or do you have some passive speakers to use with the Amp?  If just for the line in, you have bought the wrong product.

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That's how it works. You can only have different Sonos speakers in one Room when they form a surround or stereo set. The Sub can ponly be added to one Room at a time. The Amp loses the possibility to use the input for a turntable when it is paired for surround.

So you have one Room for the Beam and one for the Amp. If you group the Beam with the Amp the Beam will play the music from the turntable.

If you have no passive speakers connected to the Amp would a Port not have sufficed for connecting the turntabel with the rest of your Sonos gear?

A Port, or a Sonos Five.

Thanks for the reply all. I purchased the amp essentially as the line in for the turntable yes. I have no non-sonos speakers. Just trying to get my turntable to play through my sonos speakers.


That's a helluva lot of cash for a line in. For less money you could have bought a Five and got a great speaker and a line in. If it is not too late exchange it. Or if you really don't want a speaker get a Port.

Most of the money you have paid is for amplification that you won't be using. That's crazy, if you'll forgive my saying so.

Well since I can't seem to get the amp/turntable to sync with the play 1's, beam, and sub looks like I'll try to return it for the port. 

Thanks for your help everyone!


I have exchanged the amp for a port and it still won't connect with my current system but sets up a separate room.


Unless it is bonded as part of a surround system, each SONOS unit is known as a “Room” and can be controlled independently. Any combination of Rooms can be “Grouped” to play the same music. Your turntable will be connected to a SONOS Line-In. While Line-In is physically part of a particular player, it is actually a resource that can be played in any combination of Rooms. For example, if you connected the turntable to a FIVE, this FIVE could be playing Internet Radio while another Room or Group of Rooms could play the turntable. The turntable’s Line-In is selected as you “Browse” music sources.