Sonos amp and Vinyl

  • 12 October 2021
  • 2 replies

I have two sonos amps, two speakers to each amp, I want to connect my vinyl player. If I connect it directly to a sonos amp, will I be able to play music in the area that interests me? or only in the area of the sonos amp that I have connected?

2 replies

A connected device to the Sonos Amp line-in port, such as a Turntable, is treated as an audio source, which can be played to any, or all, Sonos ‘rooms’ simply by selecting that line-in from the ‘sources’ tab (Music icon) on main bottom toolbar in the App.

In addition to manual operation, the line-in can also be setup in the Amps own room settings to Autoplay to a chosen ‘Room’ or ‘Group’ at a user-preset volume level.

The Line-In is at line level, which means the turntable needs a phono preamp: either integrated or separate.