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So. We've got a Sonos One here, and have previously used it with Spotify. This played through the app on the phone and to the Sonos without issue.

However, I've now moved onto Amazon Prime and I've a few issues trying to get the app authorised. The web page says it's done OK but the app clearly doesn't agree.

So. To try another tack, I downloaded the app for my Windows 10 laptop and set that up. It worked OK for the setup and for the authorisation. It went through without a hitch and I was able to access music from Amazon Prime, through the laptop to the Sonos speaker.

Then I noticed that the Sonos App shows the last thing played and identified it being as from Amazon Music.

So I checked to see if it was added to music services and it wasn't. So I tried again to re-register and that failed again.

I would like to use the phone to manage my music here at home than the bulky laptop if possible. Can you suggest options for me to try to get this sorted please.

The Sonos is connected via an ethernet/network cable to a homeplug wireless network, which works as network over mains, to the connection next to the router which is also wired in with a network cable. So it doesn't actually use wifi as most people think of it as.

I've run a diagnostic. The number is 1903345157.

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Hi, Yorkcov. Homeplugs are not supported due to the amount of issues they cause. Please bypass this altogether and try again. Many thanks.


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