Sonos 5 will not connect

  • 10 October 2021
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  I don't even see Sonos S2 app in the Google play store.

My Chromebook AND my phone have been searching for the speaker for an Hour!!

  The speaker doesn't even appear when I search for it in Bluetooth connect new device!

  This think seems to be a very expensive brick with a flashing light.

4 replies

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If you have a Play:5 (Gen 1), it is only compatible with the Sonos S1 app. It is also not compatible with Bluetooth.

Here is the link to the S1 app:

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If you’re trying to add a Five to an S1 system: you can’t. Five works on S2 only, so I assume that your S1 app will never find it. 

It’s really hard to tell what the situation is, as there is no ‘Sonos 5’ in the product line, nor has there ever been. There has been two generations of the PLAY:5, and the new Sonos Five. The OP could have any of these, and without clarification, it’s all speculation.

However, none of those three products have ever had Bluetooth for music, the only Sonos products that do are the Move and the Roam, both of which require being set up in the Sonos app before they can be connected to using Bluetooth. 

The OP’s profile lists Play:5/gen1, which as noted only works on S1.

Also, I’m unsure about the reference to Chromebook, but the Sonos apps (of any flavour) don’t support Chrome OS.