Sonos 5 (Gen 2) - unable to Factory reset with no flash Amber light goes straight to Green.

Just bought a 2nd hand Sonos 5 (Gen 2) from a friend. I followed the steps to factory reset the speak. (1) Disconnect power, and then hold down the Connect button and reconnect the power plug. (2) Continue holding the Connect button until the status indicator light begins to flash amber. (3) Eventually, it will start flashing green and white simultaneously, meaning it is factory reset and ready to add back to your Sonos system. My friend has the speaker working in his house. Currently, my house already has a Play 1 + Sonos 5 (Gen 2) bought a few weeks ago. Any idea why there is no flash Amber light during Factory reset? I have tried WiFi and Ethernet

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So it never flashes amber but does eventually go to flashing green. Connect your current play:1 to the router. Give it a few minutes and make sure all working. Then attach the new speaker to router as well and see if it then will add.
Hi Chris, Many thanks for your reply. I have my play 1 and my latest Sonos 5 (gen 2 - just purchased today) connected via the Ethernet to my router. I managed to set up the latest Sonos 5 (gen 2) to Sonos Controller App. i.e. the Sonos Controller App is able to "see" - (1) Play 1 - Kitchen. (2) Existing Sonos 5 - Bedroom. (3) Latest Sonos 5 - Living room. Now all the speakers are cinfigured in the App ....but as soon as I unplugged the Ethernet (I was hoping all the 3 speakers are able to use Wifi) the Sons05 - Living just dropped out. Any reason why Sonos 5 - Living room is only able to work via Ethernet but no Wifi?
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Strange. Before you unplug from Ethernet. Go into settings....advanced... rerun WiFi setup to make sure replicates to all.

And when unplug from Ethernet give them about 10minutes to readjust off sonosnet before trying to do anything.
When I re-run the WiFi set up, it comes out with an error pop up message - Please check the name and password for your networ. Ensure you are using 2.4 GHz wireless network that is compatible with 802.1b/802.11g. Please select "Try again" or of the failure continues select "Alternative setup".

I have pressed the "Try again" button a few times the same error message came out.

When I pressed the "Alternate setup" - The error message - There was a problem configuring SOnos to work on your wireless network. You need a Sonos BOOST or player permanently connected to your router in order to use your Sonos system. Does this mean I have to but a Sonos Bridge (or BOOST)? :-(
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It means it is having trouble connecting to your home WiFi. Your in boost mode now because you have one unit hooked to router (every Sonos unit is a bridge/boost as well)

What router do you have. What type password security do you have setup. Have you tried rebooting router. Insure you aren’t trying to Connect to the 5ghz version of signal you may have.
Unfortunately the location of the "Latest Sonos 5 - Living room" is too far away from my router :-( . I was just wondering how many Sonos speaker you can connect to the home router/Wifi with a Sonos Bridge/Boost?
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So you think your WiFi signal is weak on that side of house. When you have a Sonos unit hooked to router like you do now (sonosnet boost mode) then every speaker is a repeater. This the WiFi signal extends across house from every spother Alex and they talk to each other instead of your router. That is why sonosnet mode you have it in now is so much better.
I am uisng TalkTalk (Fiber Optic) at home. I know there are a lot of devices in the home using the router.

I just found it strange that when I was trying to configure the "Latest Sonos 5 - Living room" using the WiFi option and I was not able to see the flash amber..and I followed your suggestion i.e. plugged my "Play 1 - Kitchen" + "Latest Sonos 5 - Living room" using Ethernet cables to the router. The Sonos Controller App is able to "see" all the 3 speaker but as soon as I unplugged the Ethernet cable from "Latest Sonos 5 - Living room", it just dropped + stop playing the music from that speaker.

Do you think my "Latest Sonos 5 - Living room" has a bad Wifi card? ... or I really need a Sonos Bridge (Using sonosnet) in order to connect all my 3 speaker via Wifi? Any thought?.
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So with one of your existing speakers plugged in router. If you boot up the new play:5 without bing plugged in Ethernet. It won’t connect. This after reboot and one of your other speakers still hooked to router.

If so yes it could have a bad WiFi card.
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When you have one of your existing speakers plugged in router that is the same as if you had a bridge/boost.
I did that... Step 1:Play 1 - Kitchen" plugged in with Ethernet cables to the router. Step 2: Unplug "Latest Sonos 5 - Living room" and unplug and plug power socket on. Now the "Latest Sonos 5 - Living room" has the flashing white light for the last 20 minutes.

Just looking at the Sonos website - Flashing White Light

Sonos products flash a white light while they are booting up after being plugged into power. Once the player is booted up, the light will change to either solid white, or another color.

What does this mean when the I power up the "Latest Sonos 5 - Living room" the white light keeps flashing?
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Doesn’t sound good. I would call Sonos.
OK Chris. Many thanks for your help. I will email or call Sonos on Monday.
I have submitted Diagnostic report to Sonos - #8361068. Just checked the website... there are a lot of Sonos 5 users experiencing the same bad WiFi card is a such a great shame - excellent product and silly thing like this let a lot of people down :-( . Hopefully someone from Sonos will look into this.
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I have seen it a few times lately but it is unusual. The play:5 has been out a good amount of time and haven’t seen that many with issues at all. Maybe there as a bad batch over holidays.
Hi Chris, Good news Sonos knows the problem is related to the well know WiFi card issue...and they have sent me a replacement Sonos 5.


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