Sonos 5 and Sonos play 1 stereo pair ideas

  • 23 August 2018
  • 4 replies

Hey All, i Have a play 5 now as its connected to my line in for my Turntable.
I love it, but i want to add to it.

If i stereo pair some Play 1's so i have the 1's on one side of the room with the 5 on the other, will this be ok, or should i only do 1 play 1?

The room is an office (small one).

I cant get another play 5.... budget can stretch to play 1 pair....

do you think this will be fine? i assume i put the play 1's in a stereo pair.

i did tray a single play 1 and play 5 (different audio levels to fill the room) happy with it, but now want to make this permanent change

I could use a play 3 instead of the 1's but suspect that wont be enough punch.

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4 replies

I'm of the opinion that a pair beats a straight...oh, wait. Different game. To me, a pair is always better than a single speaker. Yes, I know that there's effectively stereo out of a PLAY:5, but I need more separation for my tastes. So I'd be a fan of a pair of PLAY:1s set up in stereo. and then you can decide if you want to include the PLAY:5 or not when listening to your turntable. I can see cases where it might be nice, and cases where I wouldn't want to do it.

At the end of the day, it's your ears that need to be satisfied. I'm pretty happy with the couple of stereo paired PLAY:1s I have littered around the house.
Thanks Bruce - pity the Play 5 is the only device with line In which means turntable lovers that dont want stand alone analogue speakers must use the play 5 in their setup.

Ill purchase a stereo pair and i suppose you cant have too many speakers and i can always redeploy elsewhere in the house if needed
Well, technically, there's an analog input on both the CONNECT and the CONNECT:AMP, but as you say, they're not speakers.

You'll be happy with the stereo pair....I know I am!
Have you tried this yet? Just the other day I set up a pair of Play 1's (set to Full) as surrounds for my Beam and tried to spin some records using to it through the Play 5. As a stereo pair, I only got sound out of one of the Play 1's.

You can have 2 separate speaker zones grouped with your turntable and adjust volumes to make it sound balanced for your room. A Turntable playing through a stereo pair of Play 5's will play properly to a stereo pair of Play 1's.