Sonos 101 - Getting Started

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New to Sonos? Here are some quick notes to help you get started.

Step 1: Get set up

First off, let’s get those players installed. This FAQ has it pretty well covered. Especially the video here:

There are two different ways to connect Sonos to your network, they're called BOOST setup and Standard Setup. A BOOST setup means one Sonos device is wired to the network, it doesn’t need to be a BOOST and you don’t need to have a BOOST at all to do this.

A standard setup means that Sonos is connecting right to your wireless network directly, no wired connection enabled. Please note that if you’re using a Standard Setup, your wireless network needs to be strong and reliable. Also, the Ethernet ports on Sonos players aren’t active in this setup unless wired into the network.

Step 2: Play some music

Start with some radio

Use TuneIn Radio on Sonos to play your favorite radio stations or find new ones from around the world. Learn more about TuneIn on Sonos here.

Add a music service

Link your Sonos players to your favorite music services with our app with the steps here. You won’t need to have your phone on and tied up to play music on Sonos. It won’t stop when you get a call. And if you start music and leave the house, it’ll just keep on playing until someone tells it to stop.

Want to play from other apps?
Sonos players can only be directly controlled from Google Play Music on Android or from any Spotify App. We’re working with other services to expand this feature in the future too.

Add your own music library

If your music is on a computer or a NAS drive you can share it to Sonos using the directions here.

Play the same music in every room

Sonos is multi-room. That means you can play that same music in every room with a player. Group your players together with the steps here.

Sit back. Enjoy. Get engaged.

Tell us what you're listening to and look for recommendations here or here. Feel free to share some music and make new threads. Join the party.
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Tip 1: Get the best from your speakers with Trueplay

If you have an iOS device you can use it to run Trueplay tuning on your speakers. Make your players sound the best they can for the room they’re in. Details on Trueplay are here and devices capable of running Trueplay are listed here.

Trueplay isn’t available for Android devices due to a number of reasons. We're keeping the idea alive, but don't have any details on it.

Tip 2: Wake up to music

Did you know Sonos has an alarm feature? Set up Alarms and Sleep Timers with the steps here

Community tips

That's right, there are lots of experienced Sonos users here on the community and they've been putting tips together here. Take a look and share some of your own.

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