Sonos 1 Sonos 5 Integration with Google Mini

  • 19 March 2018
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When is Sonos going to update so that the existing Sonos 1's and Sonos 5's work with the Google Mini?

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7 replies

It is extremely unfair that I was an earlier purchaser of Sonos 1' and 5's; so that now i can't integrate them with the Google Mini. Why won't Sonos update the software to integrate with the Google Mini? I love every aspect of my Sonos equipment, except now I am hostage to their indifference. I regret the day I invested in the the Sonos sytsem for my house.
Huh? How is it unfair that you chose to purchase the Sonos units when you did?

And perhaps you've not read that they're doing the Google integration sometime this year? At the point that the work is complete, you'll be able to integrate all your Sonos speakers with the Google ecosystem, and even use the Sonos One speakers as data input points, since they have the microphones built in. In fact, right now, you could easily use the line in on the PLAY:5 you appear to have and use that to connect with your current Google home system. I'm baffled by both your posts.
First, yes I could link via my play 5, but that requires Chromecast and additional equipment. Second, the point is to not have to buy additional Sonos One speakers. Lastly, if and when they provide a native interface with Google Home, then I will retract my statements. Until then I am forced to use the Yonomi work around, which is a partial solution at best. I hope this clarifies the issue. I await the promised Sonos / Google Home integration.
So you purchased something because they announced functionality coming sometime this year, and you are now disappointed that it isn't here in March? A little premature to be breaking out the torches and pitchforks, no?
I bought the Sonos equipment the end of 2014. Back then home assistants were not an issue. My concern is that Sonos created the Sonos One as an alternative to Google Home and Alexa. Then they integrated with Alexa. There is no reason why Sonos can not integrate native support for the Google Mini. I did not know that an integration was planned, that is why I posted. I await the native integration of Sonos with Google Home. Until then, not pitchforks and torches, just disappointment.
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The Play One was likely developed to connect to other systems from the outset. Sonos have stated in the past that they came late to the voice party so I doubt they were creating their own voice recognition. As it turns out I think this may be a blessing as a stand alone product would struggle if it could not integrate with the Skills that Alexa and Google have.
I don't disagree. My concern was that the initial offerings were either Alexa centric; required an additional Play One; or a Chromecast interface. I am totally happy that they are looking to integrate with Google Home this year. I eagerly await the changes to a native integration with Google Home.