sonos 1 connect to sonos 5

  • 21 November 2021
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Hi there, I already have 2 sonos 1SL. Is it possible to connect those two sonos 1 with one Sonos 5?

5 replies

Yes, you can group/ungroup Sonos ‘Rooms/Products’ for audio playback - see this link:

Thank you for the fast answer. I’ve seen certain people considering the sub as the only good possibility to enhance  depth and bass to the sonos 1 pair. I understand the obvious bass depth of the sub but would it be completely inefficient to add the sonos 5? So inefficient that the only solution is to pay 400 dollars more and get the sub to get some improvement to your system? Is the sonos 5 so inefficient?

Not at all, the Sonos Five just designed to be an excellent speaker, not a subwoofer. If you’re looking for subwoofer type frequencies, than the Sonos Sub is an excellent choice. If you’re looking for an excellent all around speaker, the Sonos Five is an outstanding choice. But as they were designed for different purposes, they serve different functions.

Thanks for the indepth opinion. I am not necessarily looking for sub frequencies actually, just a bit more depth in the bass and general improvement from the sonos 1 pair, which is already very good in a way. I don’t need to have subfrequencies that will pass through the walls and fill a huge place. It’s only for my studio and the occasional need for beautiful sound and a bit more punch at higher levels when I am alone in the building. Even if I am actually amazed of the sound quality that a pair of sonos 1 gives. Thank you all for your thoughts!

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There is bass/treble adjustment on the equaliser settings if you want to try those?