Sky Q WIFI issues across main box, hub and mini

  • 20 August 2019
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Hi all, ive searched but cant quite seem to find the answer to this issue im having.

I have an extension with playbar, sub plus two play ones for the surround sound.

I have SKY broadband and a wired network through house. Behind my TV i have a 4 port switch as the SKY BB router is about 50m away so its hard wired. The Playbar is hard wired via network to the SKY BB router which is across the other side of the house. Other SONOs kit is all WIFI connected through the playbar i assume.

My Sky Q box is above the playbar and i have a mini in another room with WIFI ON 2.4G to create a WIFI network through the house - which works well.

Issue im having is when im stood in front of the SONOs kit my iphone app wont find it. Only when i walk through to where the SKY BB router is will it connect. I can start to play music fine and when i walk back through to the SONOS room i can control volume and select track but the app itself doesn't update.

So in with my basic knowledge of WIFI it seems i need to be in front of the SKY BB router to obtain the handshake so i can connect but when i walk through house 50m away it retains the connection as long as im playing something, if i stop i cant re-connect. It seems the SKY wifi network between router, Q and mini is slightly different even though the SSAD is the same (although you cant select this on the sky kit) > the SSID that i program into the router must be different as it passes through the sky boxes? even though my mobile will connect to my single 2.4g network everywhere.

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10 replies

James, thankyou for responding, I will look into getting these changes done.

dannytg well sort of.. The only way and I mean only way it will work without issue is to use a wireless network extender as hardwired access point using a different SSID to the sky hub and switch off all sky main and sky mini WIFI 2.4 and 5g hotspots. Now my SONOS is configured to the wireless access point only and it works perfectly along with my Phillps HUE network which also had similar issues around the house. 

Only downside is I have to manually switch my iPhone WIFI between the two WIFI networks but this I can live with. 


You will need a cable to your wifi extender though. If you dont need a WIFI extender then simply switch off the sky WIFI hotspots, bearing in mind my sky Q and mini are already hardwired to my network and not connected wirelessly. 


A lot to be said for the SKY WIFI hotspots. 

I have exactly this same issue - did anyone find an answer

Extenders can be hit and miss. Many WiFi extenders can be configured as wired access points, the cheap TP-Link TL-WA850RE for example.

To be perfectly honest given the fact that you have Ethernet throughout, and the apparently mercurial nature of Sky WiFi, I'd just turn off the Sky hotspots and use a third party alternative.
yer I've pretty much tried everything now I feel. Ive also tried turning off the SKY Q main and mini WIFI hotspot and used a nether WIFI extender but that doesn't work very well either when you have a SKY BB Router. - nightmare.
The Sonos system clearly won't work in WiFi mode unless it has the correct SSID/password configured into it. I assume you'd done that.

In a casual google search last night I stumbled upon comment that, even where wired, these Sky boxes may still talk to one another wirelessly. There was a suggestion that they were using a proprietary protocol to do so.

Whether or not that's the case, if your Sky box is wired to the same switch as the Playbar the phone should discover the system when it's connected to that box's WiFi, unless there's something very odd about the Sky box.

As a long-shot have you tried forgetting and remaking the connection to that SSID from your phone?
Main Sky Q box is wired Ratty as too is the Playbar. Other SONOs components are wireless and only seem to work when the playbar is wired. Ive just reset the lot and un-wired the playbar and nothing will reconnect now so it seems the playbar needs to be ethernet wired in order for it all to work?
There have been multiple reports of issues between Sonos and Sky Q's WiFi. It sounds like the discovery broadcasts from your phone's controller are not being forwarded across the Sky wireless trunk back to the router.

Since you have a switch nearby what happens if you wire the main Sky TV box?
Hi AjTrek thanks for getting back to me. Both main and mini boxes are manually configured - DHCP off and problem still persists.
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Hi jamesp13rrn

Wow that's a lop of information to sift through 🙂. It appears your Mini is generating IP addresses via Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol or DHCP. Two things to try in the order listed:

  1. Take the Mini offline (unplug it) and test your Sonos. If all OK then the Minni is the culprit.
  2. Plug in the Mini and Disable DHCP and test your Sonos. If all good...then problem solved.
Let us know how things sort out. Cheers!