Sky q problems no sound on some channels

  • 19 January 2018
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Just upgraded to sky Q now suffering with sound issues, BBC1 sound comes through after 15 minutes, Sonos software is running on 8.2.2 Sky Q updated, Sky engineer just left saying its a problem with Sonos software so unable to help !!!! , any help from Sonos would be very helpful as a very expensive mistake buying Sonos if this is so, I have PLAYBAR,sub,two play three’s and an additional play 5 in a different room, many thanks Mike.

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14 replies

Just a quick search in this forum...
Many thanks, I have the optical connected from soundbar directly to Sky Q box then HDMI through to tv, I have sound in some channels but non on others, have tried changing all the settings within the sky box upgraded software on Sky box and Sonos Sky engineer has told me its an issue with Sonos and not the Sky equipment, this is a frustrating issue. Many thanks, Mike
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Make sure skyQ box audio set to output DD5.1, and not auto etc.
Thanks for your reply paulw i have the one tig box and have tried changing botb oltical from normal to Dolby digital have also tried the Hdmi settings but still suffering with no sound. Mike
What if you take the optical out from the TV to the Playbar?
Tried that tv dose no produce 5.1 sound from the optical
Give Sonos a ring.
Have found the phone number this morning so will give them a call first thing on Monday, Many thanks for all your help.
If you'd be so kind, please let us know if/how it was resolved, in case there's someone else who comes along with the same issue.
When i get the chance i will give Sonos a call, having one of those weeks where not enough hours in the day,,
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Have you tried on the latest 8.3 version that came out yesterday. You might find that sorts the issue.
Hi i did do the update with fingers crossed that it would resolve the issue but unfortunately still no sound, thank you for the advice though. Mike
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😞 There were reports of this in the past but that was fixed. I suggest you raise a diagnostic as well as calling.
Will do and thanks for the reply.