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Hi all!

I'm sorry if I bother you with a maybe ordinary problem but I find the technology not so obvious. Previous I had the Bridge connected to the Connect och Router with wire. An external amplifier was connected to the bridge. Now I want to have the external amplifier in another room, is that possible? Should I just move the bridge to the room with the external amplifier and connect them with a wire? Does it work?

Or is it not possible to have an external amplifier with passive speakers in another room than the room with the router?

Thanks for tips!

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Welcome to the forums.

I assume you have a CONNECT wired to your amplifier, not the BRIDGE.

Assuming you have a BRIDGE and a CONNECT, you would simply move the CONNECT to the other room along with the amplifier. Leave the BRIDGE wired to your router.

The BRIDGE should provide a wireless connection to your CONNECT. (That's what BRIDGE is for.)
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Thanks for the explanation! I'll try this for sure.


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