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  • 4 January 2020
  • 6 replies

 Installed a Palybar with no trouble but today added one Play:1 speaker but cannot add the second one. Now my iOS is asking me to sign in to the account but the email address and password are not gfeciognized.  Changed password to np avail.  In profile same password...

6 replies


I have the same problem adding a playbar to the existing system.

  1.  WHY should i sign in to add a speaker ?
  2. I have tried a email password rest and do not receive the email


Give me a product with out all this password / log in BS 


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Hey @Paragon and @KeesSMA 

Sorry about the delay regarding this thread, hopefully I can spread some light on what’s going on here.

To address why logging in is required, Sonos registers the players so they can be use to link with our third-party services, return verification (in the case that it’s needed), and online updates being sent to a required player.  

If the Sonos password you are using is not correct or is coming up invalid, there may be a couple reasons to why that might be: 

  • The email affiliated to the serial number of the existing system may be different than the email you are inputting.
  • The Sonos system is not connecting to the server and recognizing the password you are verifying.


If you both wouldn’t mind sending me a diagnostic report of the your Sonos systems, I would be able to take a look.


this is a royal pain in the rear end. The time I waste with passwords on stuff I do not use daily is enormous. The password reset is not sending an email to the registered address. 


Try clicking on the diagnostic report above -  nothing loads 


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@Paragon I would like to send you a DM so I may collect contact information from you.

I can try and manually send a reset link to your email if that would be preferable.


I have just had a reset email - that took an hour.

your diagnostic link above comes up with blank page


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I have labeled my email a little differently. If you see that, it was mine.

Sorry about the link, I will take a look at my resources. Hopefully, you are able to reset the password and proceed without issues.

If anything happens, let me know and I’ll grab a look.