Should I wire my system

  • 30 May 2018
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Hi, I am currently building a new home and want to know if i should wire my Sonos speakers.

Purchased Setup: (not yet installed)
Family Room - Playbar
Lounge 5.1 - Playbar / SUB / 2x Play 1's
Outside - Connect Amp powering 2 outdoor speakers
Random rooms: 2x Play 1's ( these would need to be wireless, as one will be in the kitchen and one in the bedroom )

Will i get any advantages with wiring my system to the router / switch?
Can i have some speakers wired and some on wireless?

Thank you very much for your help. FYI I am new to Sonos...


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5 replies

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Main advantage of wiring the playbar especially will be using SonosNet desicated wireless (mesh) network rather the wifi. You can mix wired and wireless as you like.
Thank you SonosJunkie.

So would this mean i need to get a Sonos Boost or does the Playbar work as a access point for the other speakers?

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As I understand it, any wired current Gen speaker should be able to act as a Boost. A dedicated boost might have more range and interference control mechanism, but as a component in the mesh, once you trigger boost mode by wiring e.g the playbar and setting it up via the app, should be fine.
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I have some of my Sonos wired and some on Sonos WiFi and once I assigned reserved / static IP addresses to them I have been having no problems.

I have a Boost in my setup, one Sonos connects to it while others connect to other wired units so I'd not do a Boost by default.

Even if you find that you are a bit short on range to something, it is really tempting to get a Play 1 and place it as a range extender and have sound available there instead of using a Boost. Save the Boost option for maximum range extension or WiFi noist locations.
Thank you both very much, think i have it now.