Setup and home delivery of Sonos

  • 13 November 2016
  • 2 replies

Interesting company that will deliver and set up Sonos products in your home, at no additional cost. Great for technophobes, perhaps.

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2 replies

I am not sure this is good idea; learning to set up - not a hard task in the first place - allows for a foundation that can be helpful when the occasional glitch surfaces in use.
I know the hospital explanation of how one will see only people that faced problems on this site, but I find it hard to believe that over say 90% of users face a glitch free user experience over the service life of the kit - I can't see the state of art of the tech allowing that. I could be wrong though.
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I think it is a great idea, but am shocked that they can do it for no charge. I would not think that the margin on anything below maybe a $1,000 purchase would support the time/effort involved.

As for the consumer, sure Kumar, it would be nice to think that people would have the desire to learn about the underlying technology. But so many people could not care less. They want to simply have it set up and learn how to play Pandora.

Having someone come to the house and briefly show the use of the app, explain that the speakers don't have a 3.5 input and are not bluetooth (and why), etc. would likely lead to less frustration and higher satisfaction.