Setting up a turntable with Sonos

  • 10 September 2012
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I am looking to get a turntable and want to connect it with my Sonos system. I have a Play:3 and a Bridge. I know you can not connect directly into a Play:3 but will it work with Connect or a Connect:Amp?

Thank you for your time.

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115 replies

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The Lenco L-3866 has an integral phono preamp so should connect to Sonos without problem. Make sure that it's plugged into the Line-In jacks on the CONNECT, not the Line-Out. A Line-In source for the CONNECT should appear in the Music menu. Point your Sonos controller at the Play:5 zone and select the CONNECT's Line-In for play.

Once it's working, there are a few tweaks you can do. If the volume level doesn't seem quite right you can go to the Room Settings for your CONNECT and change the Line-In source level adjustment. If you wish you can also configure things such that whenever the turntable Line-In plays Sonos automatically switches the Play:5 to that source, and stops play when the turntable input is silent.

Thanks Ratty, you absolutely saved my life because I thought I'd messed up and bought the wrong CONNECT. I did as you said and bingo...happy days.
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Hello Everyone
Probably the same question as everyone in this thread. Just not understanding it.
I have two Play 1's
I just purchased the Connect because I want to set up my turntable.
I took the red/white cords from my Sony PS-LX250H turntable and put them into the Line In on the back of the Connect.
I choose Line In on the Sonos app but I can't hear anything. Tried moving cords around on the back of the Connect to no avail. I spoke to Sony and they said that this turntable does have a preamplifier. But maybe it doesnt and that is why I am not hearing sound?
thank you
Looking at the manual online, it does have a pre-amp in it. Have you set the EQ switch to "On"? If it is, then go into the Sonos app, and turn up the Line-In level.
Make sure you are in choosing the Line-in source from the Play:1 screen, not the Connect. The way you set it up, the Connect has no output, only input, so the output has to be from the Play:1s.

Even better, under the Room Settings for the Connect, set the Autoplay Room to the Play:1s. This will automatically play the Line-in over the Play:1s every time the turntable puts out audio.
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There was no EQ switch on my PS LX250H turntable.
I switched turntables plugged into the Connect and it worked fine, so I am assuming it is the older turntable and that it needs a receiver.
But it is working!
According to the manual online, there is, and it appear to be (if I'm reading it right) underneath the platter, which would need to be removed to see it. Take a look at "assembling the turntable" in the manual. It's literally the first thing that they instruct you to do before putting it together.

But, I guess that's moot now, since you have something working.
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Thank you Bruce I will try that! I didnt have the manual and didnt find the correct one online. Appreciate that.
Heh. Happy to be of any potential help. I found the manual by googling just the product name, followed by the word "manual" and avoided the whole "Sony turntable" nonsense. Occasionally, my google-fu works, sometimes it doesn't.

And don't forget jgatie's data as well, equally as important as mine. He has much more experience than I do with this, I'm working completely from a theoretical aspect, I'm pretty sure he's done this procedure himself, although perhaps not with that specific turntable.

Enjoy your music!
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It was the EQ switch for me! I didn't realize it was under the platter. I couldn't get the manual off of Sony's site but found it elsewhere and thats all it was. Appreciate the tips.
First of all, just recieved my 2x Play:1's and my Play:5 today and I'm in love! Spotify works great. But my love is for records! Im currently running a Pro-Ject Essential II Turntable (no built in pre amp) I run it through a 1977 Yamaha CA-610 which is beautiful! How do I connect my play:5 to the Yamaha? I obviously run my turntable into the phono inputs already.. so where do I put the RCA? Im so lost and feel so stupid 😞

If you are going to stop using the Yamaha, you will need to buy a phono preamp stage - a little box compared to the Yamaha - and wire the TT to it as you wire it to the Yamaha today, and wire the outputs of the preamp box - that is suitable to the kind of cartridge on the TT - to the line jack of the 5 unit via an appropriate RCA cable. That Yamaha contains a preamp stage, unlike many modern amps, and unlike the play 5.
Looking to setup a turntable with a playbar and sub in the future. I assume i can easily set one up with a Sonos Connect, if i do that in another room with wired speakers (attached to the Connect) can i use the wired speakers in that room to stream anything through the app? And in turn could i put on a record in that room and instead listen in the room where i have the playbar and sub? Also is it possible to forego the Connect and just purchase a play5 to plug the turntable into and have it work similarly (hear the album in the room with the play5 or in the room with my playbar and sub). Just looking for some insight to decide if buying a Connect is worth it for this application or if i should pay the extra few hundred and get a play5 out of the deal

Yes, to all questions. With the Connect, the speakers will need amplification as well, which makes a 5 a more useful alternative if you have use for the extra amp and speaker you get for the additional price for it.
I know this is the same question as so many before but after reading all those Q&As I am still having issues. I have an old Gemini PT-1000 with RCA outputs and a ground wire. I run that into a Pyle PP999 Phono Turntable Preamp and then out of the Pyle and into the Play:5 via a Y cable. The sound I hear from the Play:5 is really distorted. It isn't loud but it clips and buzzes as though it is playing at an extraordinarily loud volume. Can anyone help me?