Setting up a new system

  • 8 January 2019
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I was visiting my parents over christmas and they gave me a Sonos speaker which was part of their system before. Now i have difficulty setting it up because my phone (Iphone 5 with ios 😎 does not have the option to create a new system. I cn just connect to an existing system. When i use the old system, which i can still connect to over the new wifi, I still get a connection but i cant play any songs. It always tells me there was an error but nothing more. How do i set this up and has anyone faced similar problems?

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3 replies

I think you could connect it to your router with an ethernet cable, and then it would probably show up in your controller. If you wanted it to sit on your wifi signal rather than being wired, you'd need a newer device to set it up.
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HI there, Larskas. Was the device factory reset when it was given to you? If the device was never reset it will still contain the music service credentials from your parents and could be causing some playback issues (namely stream limits).

Additionally, the iPhone 5 should be able to update to iOS 10. Is it possible to do this software update and try to set up Sonos again? Any device running iOS 8 is not supported on Sonos and could also be the reason for the trouble.
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If you wish to leave your iPhone on iOS 8 then you could try the SonoPhone app on the App Store instead. I believe that will work on ancient operating systems such as this.