Setting up 2x Play:5 + sub without Wi-FI/Internet

  • 24 June 2019
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I have two Play:5 + a sub i want to use in an setting where I will not have acess to interent.

I thought of using the Line-in, but then i realize I will not be able to connect to both my Play:5s this way?

Could an option be to run it on an Wi-Fi, with no acess to internet?

If so, would I need to prior setting this up configure anything? The wi-fi would not be the same as i regulary run my sonos system on.

My phone has acess to internet through mobile data.

Thanks alot for the help!

1 reply

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Hi Molkert

Here's what I can provide at this juncture....

After initial setup Sonos does not require the internet to play music that is stored on a device such as your phone, tablet, PC or NAS as long as they are communicating with a router via Wi-Fi (*). Likewise a router does not need the internet to generate a wi-fi signal although it may need it for updates of it's firmware. The internet is only required by Sonos to use a music streaming service or for updates.

You can also create a stereo pair and/or group speakers without the internet. Therefore meaning that line-in on a single Play 5 would send music to a stereo pair or by grouping. You can also bond the sub to your Play 5's. Of course you can send different music to different speakers. All this is possible via the Sonos App.

Now are you saying that the Sonos speakers have never been setup? If so you can use your phone's hotspot function in conjunction with a Travel Router to generate a wi-fi signal and access the internet. Find several varieties of Travel Routers at the link:

(*) Playing stored music on an iOS device will be going away. Click the link for more info:

I hope this helps. Please post back with additional questions if need be.