Setting up 2 different sonos wi fi networks (home and office)

  • 22 October 2018
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I have a sonos network working over my phone wi fi. I have purchased a Sonos One to use in my office network but I can't set it up over Sonos app in my mobile. Can I establish 2 different sonos networks in 2 different locations and use them over the same app?

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13 replies

You can connect the app to multiple Sonos systems. Simply launch the app and choose to set up a new system (or connect to an existing, if it is already set up) at the second location.
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What happens when you try to setup at office. How are you trying to setup wifi in office or wired. Jgatie is correct in that the controller can remember multiple networks.
I completed wireless set up and I see the continuous white signal on the top of Sonos One. Same color as I see on my speakers at home that work perfect. However I can't see the office speakers on Sonos app and send audio to them.
I did wireless set up. I can't connect to router in office. It is a huge network with hundreds of connected devices
Sonos app keeps on searching but can't find any Sonos speakers. However when I initiate the wireless set up procedure again, it discovers the speaker right away
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So starting from scratch in office … you go through setup and it finds your office wifi and connects to it.

Then when you go into app it searches for sonos and can't find it. You click Connect to Existing network and it still doesn't find it.

It could be your office network isn't allowing to wifi devices to speak to each other. Office routing can get complicated. Do you have an iPhone or android? You have another option when it comes to android and that is plug into ethernet at office and use Sonosnet to direct connect to via android.
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Last option would be a cheap travel router to pull off your office wifi and create a new wifi network of your own.
I use an iphone. I asked to our IT guy and he said that he registered the device to secure network and it can be connected just like we send documents to printers over wi fi.
During wireless set up, it asked me to find "Sonos" network in wi fi settings and connect to it. I did and completed the set up this way. Maybe this initial set up was not done properly because when I try to do it again, I can't see "Sonos" wi fi again.
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well since you haven't gone as far as setting up anything …. Go ahead and factory reset the Sonos One and try again.. That will give you back the ability to connect to sonos and start from scratch.

Sonos One Facotry Reset
Unplug the power cord from the electrical wall outlet.
Press and hold the Connect button while simultaneously plugging the power cord back into the electrical wall outlet.
Continue holding the Connect button until the light begins flashing amber and white.
Once reset, the light will flash green, indicating the product has been reset and can be added back to your Sonos household.
I guess this is the reason. My office network is a wi fi hotspot network.
"Ethernet over Power devices (also known as HomePlugs or Powerline adaptors) as well as WiFi Hotspots are not supported by Sonos"
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That is not fully true. But again it may be that your office network doesn't allow devices to communicate with each other (which is a problem with some hotspots or networks).

Getting a travel router can make this easy on you. It will connect to your hotspot network for internet access and create a new network that is completely yours. Example:
Thank you Chris. I will purchase one and give feedback here. Thanks.