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  • 14 September 2018
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Tips for setting up

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Ok so that was a mess sorry,try again:


I have just taken the plunge into the world of Sonos. I have a Beam for the lounge and Play 3 for dinning room. I intend to expand this set up to other rooms gradually. I live in a house built of engineering bricks which is as WiFi friendly as your average Faraday Cage so I have bought a boost. I don’t want to have to have a PC running full time so I have a WD2TB NAS to install. I will be dropping 50Gb of music on it. I will also use it for copying my photos and docs on for back up purposes. I have a small wired LAN; Ethernet running from router to a switch and on to other home pcs all running windows 10. These are all in an “office/study”. I will be starting on the set up as soon as our current lounge and dinning room redecoration has been completed.

First, what is the correct set up? Boost into switch and NAS into boost? NAS into switch and Boost into Ethernet port on router? Boost into router and NAS into boost?

Second, is there any reason not to set up the boost and NAS now and then the speakers in a couple of weeks when the docorating is finished?

Third any general tips, tricks or pratfalls in set up that I should be aware of?

Any tips and thoughts would really be appreciated. Please use simple language when it comes to IT. I am not completely useless with computers but far from a tech wizard either!!

Thanks so much in advance for any help or comments

No worries, the initial page for starting a topic is a bit confusing, at least to me. I try to spend more time replying to folks than creating new topics :)

Boost and NAS into router/switch.

No reason not to set up now.

Since you're setting up the earliest setup (Boost) that Sonos has, it's the most reliant, at least in my book. As for tricks and pratfalls, I think the only one that springs to mind is that you'll need to turn on SMB v1 on your NAS in order for the Sonos software to be able to access it.

That being said, a quick perusal of these forums for random data would be smart. Just a word of warning, this is a "hospital", so the number of "sick" people is higher here. And you'll be able to see how many people are so invested in their Sonos that they get very angry when it doesn't work.

There's a cadre of very smart people who spend time here helping others, and I hang off their coat-tails. So if you have a problem, feel free to post about it, these folks will pitch in, and the Sonos folks are pretty impressive too.

You'll enjoy your Sonos 🙂
Thanks Airgetlam. I understand your hospital comment. I spent a lot of time looking on here before I splashed my hard earned cash and was seriously doubting whether to invest given the apparently huge number of diverse problems!

When you say boost and NAS into switch do you mean each one separately or boost then daisy chain the NAS?

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As was said, set it up now and start enjoying it.

On the NAS give your music its own space so you can point your Sonos at just the music and it doesn't end up scanning stuff you don't want to be playing.

The Sonos support (link top right here) has some great tips and seems to do a better job of finding forum topics than the forum search so keep it in mind.

If you find a problem with reaching all your speakers using the Boost consider wiring them to your Ethernet. The expansion port on the Sonos isn't my first choice, instead a small Ethernet Gigabit switch, 4 or 5 ports is a good option and fairly cheap. Sure beats pulling a second Ethernet cable. Having multiple wired Sonos units is a good thing and each wireless one will seek out the wired companion with the best signal to connect to.

Be aware of RF interference, even from devices that don't include a radio! My WD NAS is so noisy I had to keep it over a meter away from my Play 3 for the speaker to be happy. The Network Matrix can help sort that out as well as showing which devices are connecting. http://speaker-ip:1400/support/review (not the Boost's IP)
Each one separately would be my preference. When at all possible, I try to avoid daisy chaining devices.