Seperate Wireless Network For Sonos System

  • 27 December 2017
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Good Morning everyone, hope everyone had a great holiday. I have what is probably a very basic question, but when you don't know the answer, you ask the question. I currently have a Playbase with 2 Play-ones as a stero pair. A Play-5, an additional Play one and a new Christmas gift for my wife, the new Sonos One. I've been reading about a seperate network for your Sonos speakers. I have never plugged any of my Sonos devices directly into my router. From what I read it sounds like you need to do this step, True ??? Would I power down all other sonos devices and plug one into my router to create this seperate network ?? Just trying to understand the process and how about going about doing so. I know this is basic stuff, but just not sure about things. Any answers or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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4 replies

I don't think you need a seperate network just for the speakers. I do run all my Sonos speakers on a seperate SSID, but that's mostly just to keep them seperate. Note: most home routers cannot do this but I run an enterprise-class Ubiquity UniFi system in my house. I did notice that when I plugged one of my speakers into my LAN via ethernet cable, it turned on the Sonos Wi-Fi network and other speakers left my home system and joined the Sonos network. I don't like having dissimilar Wi-Fi networks running in the house for interference purposes, so I unplugged it. So, to wrap up; setup your speakers in the app using your own network, or plug one of the speakers into ethernet or your router to make them set up their own standalone network.
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JFRTWO, Thanks so much for the reply. I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer my question. Have a great day.
I disagree. Boost or Sonosnet mode was the original design, and is still the preferred method for more reliability and less interference with your standard WiFi.
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I also agree with jgatie on this. I constantly see all the complaints of people here that their system isn’t working properly, skipping etc. In most cases it turns out they are running several Sonos devices on their WiFi. I’ve had Sonos for more than 8 years and on SonosNet, I think I had a drop out or any issue after a software update maybe 3 times in the entire time period.