Second Ethernet Port on Bridge

  • 26 June 2017
  • 3 replies

So I have recently changed from a router with 4 ethernet ports to 2 ethernet ports, one of which is used for my Bridge and the other is for a Network Plug supplying wired connection to a couple of devices around the place. One of these devices is now my NAS which I have relocated and connected and is working fine in terms of the Sonos

The NAS also serves as the location for the music files for my Itunes Library.

1 - Can I use the spare Ethernet Port on the bridge for the NAS?
2 - If this is fine for Sonos locating the NAS on my network, will my Itunes software be able to find it also?

If this is not possible, exactly what is the second Ethernet connection for on the Bridge?

Thanks in advance

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3 replies

The second Ethernet port is as good as any other, for wiring a NAS etc. It is only capable of 100Mbps though. This is more than adequate for audio streaming.

If however you do large backups you could notice the speed drop, assuming of course that everything else is 1Gbps-capable.
Can I use the second port (open at this point) to connect my tv? Will it still connect to the internet? I assume it will but wasn't sure. My 4 ports on my router are full and I need to free one up to connect the bridge.
Read the post before yours. The question has been answered already.