Samsung Frame TV and Leon Framebar


Just purchased a Samsung Frame TV (2022) and am considering buying a Leon Frame bar as it will match the aesthetics.  This soundbar does not have an HDMI Arc connection.   I have previously installed in-ceiling front and rear speakers, which I plan to connect using separate amps.

Relatively new to this world, but I’m concerned I won’t get 5.1 surround with the way I’m trying to set this up and would appreciate guidance.

  • Samsung Frame TV to Sonos Amp (HDMI), same Sonos Amp to Frame Bar (Center speaker)
  • Front and Rears each with their own Amps.  Sub on its own.

Will I get 5.1 out of this setup?  Apologies if this is obvious, appreciate your input!


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The Sonos Amp does not have a “center speaker” output, so I’m confused as to how you’re going to connect this “Frame Bar”.

The Sonos Amp does create a faux/interpolated center channel using the left and right speakers, but there is no output for a center channel speaker. 

Thanks, Bruce.  I suppose I could ask it differently- I want to use 3 amps to power three discrete channels - center (that’s the soundbar, and amp will be connected to TV), front (l/r), and rear (l/r).  Will this config work?  Really appreciate your input!

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The Leon Framebar looks like a set of passive speakers in a wooden enclosure: You can also configure speaker placement within the enclosure:

This would mean that you could choose the middle set up and connect the Amp for amplification. The Amp is LR, but computes a “phantom” center channel. You could add a Sub and an Amp for rear speakers. Because the first Amp is already front LR, Sonos does not cater for extra FL and FR speakers.

The above is all conjecture based on what I read from these website. Please have a professional advise you on this.



Not sure how you’re going to be able to split the three front channels into disparate signals to feed those three Sonos Amps. You certainly can’t  use any Sonos device or software to do so, and any non digital input (the analog line ins in this case) will introduce at least a 75ms delay, so I’m not sure using Sonos would work in this context.

You’d be better off with three non-Sonos amplifiers that are not designed for multi-room synchronization and playback. 

If you use a SONOS AMP, you would ignore the center speakers. A second AMP could be used for the surround speakers. A SONOS SUB or 3rd party active subwoofer could also be added to complete a 4.1 configuration.