S2 failing to access BUffalo NAS

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HI 3 months ago I posted about A problem I had with Sonos system running on S2 app being unable to update the music library stored on By Buffalo Linkstation NAS Despite other older components working fine on the S1 app.

I did not get this resolved fully at the time despite Sonos support trying hard and for a long time to resolve this. 

I thought I had a workaround by creating a new directory on the NAS and copying some music files into it but then after a few folders were copied in the problem recurred.

Now I have a very clunky work around I add music to the NAS from my Windows 11 laptop then go into the settings on the NAS and switch off SMB2 and then update the music index. Then I have to go back into settings on the NAS and switch SMB2 back on as without it the laptop cannot access the NAS (even though I have switched SMB1 on in windows settings).

This is far from satisfactory but at least I can listen to my music again on my S2 equipment.


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Is your SONOS system now using S2 exclusively? Windows 11 and Mac’s really don’t like using SMB1. If your SONOS system is S2 your best strategy would be to update the Buffalo to use SMBv2.

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If I switch smb2 on on the nas then sonos says the nas is unavailable. I have an s1 sonos device that works regardless of what SMB version I use

S1 does not support SMBv2. When you switch to SMBv1 both S1 and S2 systems will be able to build their library index -- which is stored in the players. However, when you switch the NAS to SMBv2, S1 will not be able to access the tracks. Notice that, while the S1 library index seems to work on SMBv2, artwork is missing and the the tracks will not play. This is because the library index is stored in the players and no disk access is required to navigate the index. Disk access is required to display artwork.