Routing sonos connect outputs to two separate devices?

  • 21 May 2017
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Hello All,

Just purchased my first Sonos device (connect) and am wondering if it can be connected to two separate devices. I am currently using the rca output to send it to a preamp for system #1 and would like to use one of the digital outputs to route it to a PS Auido DAC feeding a preamp on system #2. Has anyone tried this or know if it's possible? In general, two questions:

1) Can the connect output to two separate systems?
2) Can the connnect be used as an input to a DAC?

Thanks in adavance id anyone has info!


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7 replies

It can be used for three different systems - and the two digital outputs can be fed to two DACs at the same time.
Great. Thanks for the help!
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You can also find splitters for the digital outputs, Amazon offers several for the TOS fiber optic one.
Personally I'd be a bit wary of passive optical splitters. They halve the light intensity so depending on cable length there could be issues.
Tried it today and was not successful. Had the sonos connect outputs going to two separate systems and then tried to use them independently, with the other system off. Using IPad / Napster as my music source via home wifi to the sonos.

System #1: I have the sonos connect rca outputs going to a Marantz preamp aux input. Worked perfectly fine.

System #2: I have the sonos connect coaxial output going to the coaxial input on a stand alone PS Audio DAC, which then feeds a McIntosh preamp aux input. I tried this system next, after shutting down then Marantz system. The tracks played through the system, but were continuously cutting out.

I disconnnected from the McIntosh system and am using only on the Marantz system with no problems. I has similar problems when trying to feed both of these systems with the single PS Audio DAC ( RCA outputs to one system, and XLR outputs to the other). In this scenario, the problem was low output to both systems (about half of normal). Maybe I'll need a separate sonos connect for each system?

Thanks for the suggestions so far!
Maybe I'll need a separate sonos connect for each system?

Not so fast - you need to identify the source of the problem first. It could be any or any combination of problems with:
1. Connect coax output jacks
2. Cable used
3. DAC
Does the DAC with that cable work ok when used with a source other than Connect? From all that you see, I would first test another DAC with another cable and see the outcome to decide next steps. Or just change the cable first and then the DAC.
I would suspect grounding issues. Try the optical out.