Routers w/ USB storage?

Hey folks!

I'm planning on migrating my audio collection to some sort of network attached storage solution so I don't have to have my compy on all day every day. As it were, I'm also planning on getting a new router in the relatively near future.

To the point: if I get a router that supports USB storage devices (such as the Asus RT-AC66U), will it work with Sonos to connect a USB hard drive directly to the router? Or would I just be better off getting a dedicated NAS device (like a linkstation)?

Thanks for your help!

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My music plays just fine from a USB HDD connected to my router. But the standard recommendation seems to be a independently powered HDD wired to the router via ethernet cable. This is probably a requirement if you want to stream different music files to different Sonos units at the same time from the HDD.
I went with the USB solution because I had a spare HDD lying around, and I like to not have another device needing its separate power.
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These days USB sticks are getting bigger and might serve the purpose as well as or better than a hard drive.

I would not put a full-on media file server (serving up HD videos, etc.) to a router's USB port. But for Sonos? I think it would work fine.


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