Restore functionality to legacy Connect:Amp modules

  • 5 August 2020
  • 3 replies

I own 5 legacy Connect:Amp modules.

Prior to the "forced install" of the S1 controller software I was able to play different programs on each simultaneously.  Since the new S1 software was installed this is no longer possible.  

How can I restore that flexibility without throwing out these perfectly working units? Can install an older version of the controller software on my windows laptop and android phone?

3 replies

There’s been no change in the S1 or S2 software that would preclude you from playing separate music streams on any of the CONNECT:AMPs.

Many thanks for your quick response. You are correct.  The block is by SiriusXM which appears not to allow more than 1 of its stations to be played at the same time by the same account holder.

Wish there was a workaround for this, but would guess not.



Technically, the restriction is that Sirius XM only allows one stream at a time per subscription.  You could not play the same station on two different devices at the same time.  (Sonos groups gets around this requirement as it’s still a single stream instead of multiple streams). 

You have to pay for multiple subscriptions to get multiple streams.  Other services provide a family option for this, but it doesn’t look like SXM does.  There are probably complications since they have the Satellite service bundled in, though you’d think they would have a plan that offers 1 or 2 Sat radios and 2 or more streams.  Perhaps they figure people will share an account for multiple cars, but that would apply to any streaming service really.