Restarting from scratch

  • 14 August 2019
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I recently setup a friends Sonos System (2 Sonos:One, 1 Playbar attached to Hisense, all in different rooms) under my account on my Iphone app.. and then transferred ownership. Since then.. they have had nothing but problems including the Playbar TV sound not working, Unable to connect to Sonos, unable to play music from their Pandora account etc. It seems to also happen when I've been in their house and my Sonos App is running on my system. Before they give up.. I'm thinking I'd like to 1) remove my id/app/controller from their overall system 2) reset their app and speakers and reinstall all the equipment. I see comments about avoiding a Factory reset.. but given all the intermittent issues.. I feel this is the best solution.

Relative to the Playbar/TV.. I did turn off the autoplay because they do like to have the TV on while music is playing thru the house.

1) How do I 'remove' my id/access to their account
2) Do I need to do any reset or clearing in their app to start fresh.. or is it just the 'reset' on each of the speakers (listed above).
3) How do you change the Playbar sound from music to TV sound when Autoplay is not connected.

2 replies

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I'm not terribly familiar with the "transfer ownership" functionality, but this is definitely not the approach I would have taken. There was no reason to every set up your friend's speakers under your account. Given that the problems are likely related to mixed information about accounts, I would definitely do a factory reset in this case to wipe everything out. Then set everything up as if it's a brand new system.

1- factory reset will get it done.
2- No, the app is just a controller, no account information is stored there.
3 - Under the browse icon, you can change the audio source between TV and pandora and whatever other sources your friend has. I would leave autoplay on though, as it just means that the source will automatically switch to TV when the TV is turned on. If you then want to switch to a music source, you can do so without having to turn off the TV.
Thanks Danny.. mark it up to 'Sonos novice'. Friend did not have the app.. and at the time did not have space on phone to load app. I was thinking all I was doing was creating the 'home system' connecting their speakers. But I do believe there is something buried in the 'initiating controller' that is causing some of these problems.