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I have a Bridge that I was using when I only had two Play:1s throughout my house. The Bridge was located within my entertainment center.

I've since added a 5.1 setup with the Playbase and I'm thinking of removing the Bridge from the setup and just using the Playbase to create SonosNet.

Is there a disadvantage to doing this? For example, is the Bridge better at creating SonosNet than the Playbase? Also, should I plug the Ethernet cable into the Playbase before I unplug the Bridge so as not to disturb the SonosNet setup?

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There is no disadvantage at all. In fact the Bridge is on SonosNet 1.0, everything else 2.0. You just need to take the Ethernet cable out of the Bridge and plug it into the Playbase. Give it a few minutes to settle down before you think it hasn't worked (although it may take only seconds). Please post back to confirm all is well.
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Ah, I didn't know that about SonosNet 1.0 versus 2.0.

Seems to have worked. I didn't have to enter any of my wireless network info so I assume everything switched to SonosNet on its own. I know there's a way to tell within the app that everything is running off SonosNet but I forget what I'm supposed to look for. Is it the WM:____ number?
Yep. WM0 for SonosNet in About My Sonos System
As you had a wired component anyway, nothing needed to switch to SonosNet
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That's what I thought. Everything is on WM0 so I'm good to go. Thanks!
Would this work if I used an old Play:3 speaker instead of the bridge?
I ask because it's right there near the bridge.
Is it better to use a newer speaker rather than an older one to do this?
Any advantage in removing the bridge from the system?
One more question: If I do this, should I turn WiFi off on the speaker that will be plugged into the router?
This is a deleted message. Sorry.
Yes, a PLAY:3 could be used in place of a BRIDGE. No, I wouldn't think a newer speaker would be better than an "older" speaker . No, there's no particular advantage to removing the BRIDGE. No particular disadvantage, other than removing a device that could potentially fail at some point (or not.). No, you should not turn of the wifi on any of the speakers. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to communicate with each other.
Thanks !!
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I'm too lazy to go look for the information but I think all current Sonos devices use SonosNet 2.0, only the Play 5 Gen 1 and early ZonePlayers used the older 1.0 SonosNet so anything current should be about equal.

A boost is said to have a bit better noise rejection than a speaker but given the choice of a Boost or Play 1 I'd almost always say get the Play 1.
I have a Bridge plugged into the router and a Sonos Play 1 speaker. I have just added a Sonos ONE to stream from Airplay from the Mac as well with the Sonos controller. Do I still need the Bridge? (Neither speaker is near the router.)

I would keep the Bridge.


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