removing a connect amp from system

  • 31 March 2017
  • 5 replies

originally setup a connect amp with intended use to be rear channels for theater , playbar and sub recently added but the connect amp is not in sync with Playbar shows as a separate component in the family room

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5 replies

Please can you clarify exactly what you want to achieve? Removing a Sonos component from the system is simple - unplug it. But it doesn't quite sound like that's what you really want.
It sounds like the CONNECT:AMP was never bonded with the PLAYBAR for surround duties. If it was simply grouped it would indeed be out of sync for TV sound.

See here for adding CONNECT:AMP surrounds to a PLAYBAR. Note the requirements for (a) the system to be in BOOST Setup and (b) a wired network connection between the PLAYBAR and CONNECT:AMP.
Initially I put on line a CA in the family room however with install of a PB and SUB I need to have CA be the rear chs
All components show as in the family room but as separate units
Grouping achieves same source play but not surround
It sounds like you have made the mistake of giving different units the same room name, and then grouping them, although I am still not sure I have the correct interpretation. If your C:A was initially named "Family Room" then leave the Playbar as called "Playbar", or rename the C:A. Don't have them both called "Family Room".

Then starting from the Playbar, add the C:A as surrounds by following the instructions at @ratty's link, and noting that it will only work with the wiring arrangements highlighted by @ratty.
I should perhaps add that room name is just a label. The fact that the components are located in the same physical room does not mean it's a good idea to give them the same name - it can only cause confusion.